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James O. Gainesville ,Fl

Glad we found them!!!

"Great service, great value! Were on time, knowledgeable, focused and affordable. Worked on two big bathrooms, taking out tile, sheet rock and miscellaneous "stuff." Not only did they protect our hardwood floors by putting down protective matting, they erected room barriers and brought in big air cleaners that virtually eliminated air borne particulates. No cleanup required when they left, no dust anywhere, not even in area they were working. Meticulous to a fault. Made certain everything was taken care of and that we were completely satisfied before they left. Comforting to know they are certified in mold removal, asbestos and other contaminants, just in case they find them (they didn't!). Remarkable experience."

Alexander from Gainesville, FL.

I was not expecting this! Excellent workmanship, professionalism, work ethic. At least as important is the fact that at the end of my tile flooring removal there was no dust residue. Such a different experience from previous floor removals in which every thing in my house (furniture, walls, cupboards, clothes, etc.,) was covered with 1/4" of dust. I cannot recommend this company, Florida Floor Specialist, LLC, highly enough.


SC home-improvement Gainesville, Fl

I have use Florida floor specialist in different projects and they have always done a wonderful job I'm very happy that they're growing the whey that they are but as well keeping it very personal and I like that the owners always on the job site making sure things get done right would highly recommend them whether it was commercial or residential very professional"

Laurent Baez Escarp Gainesville, Fl

Florida floor specialist did an amazing job at my house i was very impressed with there dost control system since i have a daughter and myself that are asthmatic we did did not see any dost while they where working at our house and would hire them again very impressed very professional very prompt in time definitely would recommend them verry satisfied.

The right guys for the job!!!!

Alberto D Gainesville,Fl

"Excellent workers they are very professional they have a very clean and organized operation they will go on and Beyond customer satisfaction I would recommend them to anybody else. An A+ work!"Manny Blanco Gainesville,Fl

Yael Lora-Platt Miami, FL  

Florida Floor Specialist did an amazing job! They removed my master bedroom, bathroom, guest bathroom, and all my tile floors. I was very impressed with their professionalism and quality of work. In addition, I was extremely impressed of how clean and how no dust was left after they finished the job. It looked cleaner after they finished than before! I would highly recommend this company to everyone!

Great job by Florida Floor Specialist

"Phil from Valdosta, Ga
I would like to highly recommend Florida Floor Specialist, LLC for any remodeling projects you may have in mind. I had them come in and remove my tile and hardwood floors and was simply amazed at the great job they did. The techs were on time, clean, and very professional in all our dealings. Their dust removal system is great and the house was very clean when they were through. My installer said this was one of the easiest installation jobs he had in years because he had very little to clean before he got started with the new floors. I highly recommend this company."

Manny Blanco Gainesville,Fl

Florida floor specialist did an amazing job in our home we had hardwood flooring very difficult to pull out we had hire somebody else to do it but they were not capable of pulling the wood out not only that but we needed to have the glue removed 100% they were able to accomplish that in a way that was dust control very excited very happy that we hire them great experience would definitely hire them again.