Florida Floor Specialist LLC has state-of- the-art sophisticated equipment, with the most recent technology to remove all types of flooring, to remove odors, and to minimize dust and fiber airborne residue. Superior power-supply units, such as air-controlled, negative air machines, floor removal tools with HEPA carbon filters (99.97%), dust collection vacuums with our Dust Control System (collects more than one pound of dust per square foot), sanders, grinders, riding floor scraper (emission-free battery-powered), removal and disposal of all types of debris created in the floor removal process.​

about us

Our  Team

From start to finish, Florida Floor Specialist company stay updated with the latest certifications accreditations, and training to provide you the best residential and commercial floor removal with the safest work practices.


  •  Asbestos Inspector/contractor/ supervisor ( FBPR)
  •  OSHA General Industry .
  •  G1 Hydrogen Sulfide a deadly Gas R2.
  •  Mold Remediation and Restoration.
  •  Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and Federal Facilities

Contact us: info@floridafloorspecialist.com

Office: 352-792-2533
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About The Founder

The founder of Florida Floor Specialist, LLC, started the company from the ground-up, and, since its genesis, the company employs only team members who meet the criteria of:

  •  High moral character
  •  Clear background checks and excellent references
  •     Professionalism
  •  Courteousness
  •  Respectable reputation
  •  Personal cleanliness
  •  Personal pride in one’s efforts
  •  Industriousness
  •  Diligence
  •  Desire to please the customer

Our team members are specialists and experts in operating numerous kinds of power tools, including:

  •  Air-control specialized equipment
  •  Unique floor removal tools
  •  HEPA – filtered dust collection vacuums
  •  Floor sanders, riding floor scrapers, and grinders

Our  Certifications