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Floor Removal

If you are thinking of selling or renting your home, Florida Floor Specialist will increase the value by customizing your home.  Kitchens are the soul of the house- the place where style and functionality go together for a unique experience.  Using a special system, Florida Floor Specialist will remove your kitchen or bathroom dust and fiber-free, providing you with a safe and clean solution for your new project.  If you are ready for a new update, new flooring is the very basis for creating a space that invites you to relax.  Getting the best preparation of floor surfaces is imperative for successful floor installation.  Any project by Florida Floor Specialist is always preceded by thoughtful pre-planning prior to the project.


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Floor Removal

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we can remove: Tile, Carpet, VCT, Linoleum, HardWood Floors, Mortar, Thinset, Dryset, GLue, Mastics, Bamboo Floors



Florida Floor Specialist is dedicated to providing the best store or business presentation to your customers. Which is why we work with the best locally-owned flooring stores and flooring installers in our service areas for highest quality outcomes. Our team uses the most currently available technology to prepare your floor installation in a fast and clean manner. 

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Florida Floor Specialist works with locally-owned floor stores and flooring installers to enhance our expertise with theirs. We want to be more than just your floor removal service; we intend to utilize any and all appropriate resources to maximum customer satisfaction. We provide free estimates. Call us at 229-200-4016​.

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Safe & Clean Solution 

A strong foundation is the key to perfection. This is why we emphasize proper surface preparation prior to floor installation. Florida Floor Specialist prepares your new flooring by completely removing any type of old flooring. If new floor surface pre-coating is poured right on top of old existing flooring the result may be uneven adherence to the floor base.

Floor Removal for the Gainesville, FL, Area

See videos of some of our recent projects. The videos include samples of residential and commercial floor removal in various stages of surface preparation to samples of projects in various stages of completion.

Also, see our photo gallery of our most recent projects.